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Friday, May 25, 2012

Smooth Sailing on the High Seas

I have a habit of only posting to this blog when things are not going well.  Its been a while since my last post, and things are fine.

Johnny is out of school for the summer.  Which means POOL... well my version of the pool.  We have a great little backyard pool that Mommy, Daddy, and Johnny can hang out in and beat the heat.  Johnny loves it, we are in it as early as possible and sometimes our last dip is just before bedtime. 

While things have been "smooth sailing" around here lately, Johnny has been running high (BG of 230-350) most of the time for about 3 weeks.  His team adjusts his insulin weekly and they do it in tiny amounts to keep him safe.  Week 1 showed highs, turned in the numbers and got some instructions to LOWER his long lasting insulin thinking that he was actually going too low at night creating a "rebound" of higher numbers in the morning.  So we did this for week 2, still high... but now higher!  We turn in the numbers and are told not to change insulin doses yet because we also learned we were always rounding down, and that was wrong.  I wish I knew the nurse who TOLD us never round up, but whatever.  I was just frustrated because I am doing what their team tells me to do and its wrong, not a big deal except I have to wait a whole new week to watch the numbers and see if now that I can round up it will effect his sugars enough.  I waited 3 days, it didn't work.  So I called today and told them I didn't want to wait another week so we finally got our breakfast insulin dose increased.  That's a start.  I am happy about it.  Hopefully we are 1 step closer to getting him closer in range. 

But really none of that matters in our daily life.  We are happy and doing really well.  Again, its been smooth sailing.  I remember that first month, high numbers would drive me bonkers.  I worried constantly, now I just see it as a number to write down to better adjust our medication next time.  We are in a good D place. 

Johnny is getting ready to be a big brother very soon.  Our doctor has told us he wont let us go more than 5 weeks if we make it that long, so we are busy preparing the house as well as Johnny for another big life change.  He is such a help, he has helped me fold and put away his little sisters laundry, as well as wipe down his old baby equipment.  Johnny is learning to take on a little responsibility too.  We have a new "Star Chart" as we call it, not a chore chart.  He gets a star for doing age appropriate tasks such as feeding our dog and picking up his toys as well as for good behavior and habits like brushing his teeth, using the potty, and not yelling when Mommy is on the phone.  So far (2 days) it is working well.

Mommy and Daddy are working on getting Johnny on an insulin pump as soon as possible.  We attended our first class required by our Endo team, and we had the rep out to our house to get familiar with the device and complete the paperwork.  We have been approved by insurance and now are just waiting on the final approval from his Endo team.  We have another meeting with them next week and I think 1 more after that.  I really hope he can start in 2 weeks, and mommy is pretty good at getting what she wants. 

Thank you everyone for your constant support.  I love being able to openly share our lives with you. 

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