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Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Sick Day part 2

After breakfast yesterday, Johnny seemed to want to watch cartoons on the couch and not much else.  By lunch however he was fine!  He did nap, even though we didn't do anything but stay home.  Typically he only naps after a lot of activity. 

But the main point of this post is...

He was STABLE all day after breakfast.  I am so lucky these days in that most of the time he is very predictable. 

He woke low at 69, and after 15 carbs shot up to 168.  After breakfast and his morning insulin he was 310 2 hours after eating (pretty high but I do not correct highs between meals for now.)  By lunch he was 164, dinner was 174 and bedtime was 143.  Whoohoo!  He woke this morning at 140.  I couldn't be happier.

Now the next time he gets sick, truly sick at least I had a little glimpse at what to expect.  We test for keytons, we have full sugar and sugar free jello stocked, we have all the goodies.  I learned I can give tylenol fine, and to always give his background insulin.  So this was a nice trial run before the "real thing."

Thank you everyone for reading and for thinking of us yesterday!

Oh, side note.  My gestational diabetes was wacky Wednesday night until yesterday.  Nothing crazy just on the highest side of acceptable.  I think mine was like that due to stressing over Johnny.  Interesting how much stress and nerves impact our health.  (FYI highest side of acceptable 2 hours after dinner was 119, fasting was 103, 2 hours after breakfast was 121.  The rest of the day was in the 70s & 80s and today's fasting was 88.)

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