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Monday, March 19, 2012

2nd Weekend @ Home

We did it!  A whole week living with T1D!  It ended a whole lot better than it started.  It makes me very eager to see what it is like to have a whole month, or a whole year under our belt. 

We had a great weekend.  Did mommy cry this weekend?  Um... of course.  But like I said, not only am I pregnant but I cry often anyways so that isn't a big deal. 

Johnny had a visitor come by to wish him well and give him a present. A year or more ago we started using one of our client's teenage daughters as a baby sitter.  She is a senior now and such a sweet girl.  Her mom is a nurse and for now her plan is to go into nursing as well.  They were so sweet and offered to baby sit for Johnny (mother and daughter) sometime so John and I could go out on a date.  I am definitely going to take them up on it!  Johnny was thrilled with his new toy, a bubble making Lightening McQueen!  Soon after we had Grandma, Granddaddy and Miss Susan (a baby sitter we often use and have for 2 years) come by to see what lunch time routine for Johnny would be.  I prepared them by telling them that sometimes he still says "no" and even gets a little whimpery but he will get over the shot as soon as we are done with it.  Johnny showed me!  He didn't even flinch for his shot, she just sat there like an angel and turned me into a liar.  Good for him!  I was so proud of him.  It really seemed to make everyone feel much better about possibly administering these shots for Johnny one day. 
Johnny's Special Diabetes Pen
Practicing giving me a shot
You can see in his eyes he isn't 100% recovered but he is so much better.

Johnny loved having the visitors, and was sad to see them go.  A short time after I got a message from a friend who was free and looking to visit.  I am so used to being alone Saturdays since John works and most my Mommy friends are with their husbands, so I was happy to meet this friend and her daughter at a local park.  (Thank you for the Starbucks if you are reading this, friend!)  Nothing like a girl friend, fresh air, iced vanilla latte, and feeding the ducks to recharge the batteries.  We went during snack time so I let Johnny eat his snack in the car on our way there.  Lesson learned... feeding the ducks was a little difficult because Johnny wanted to eat the bread.  So, next time we feed the ducks, I just need to make bread Johnny's snack or bring something more tempting for him to eat at the same time.  The whole day Johnny's numbers ran high, but it didn't stress me out.  At this point I have confirmed with his pediatrician and his Endo team that is normal, planned, expected, and safe.  But the numbers were higher than the numbers that put me on edge and ruined my day just a week ago.

Sunday- Johnny woke up in a great mood!  For the first time this week he seemed to eat close to normal portions.  He didn't want pancakes (aka bread triple dipped in eggs/cinnamon), he wanted chicken and yogurt (very common lunch) for breakfast.  I was happy to make it for him.  He did drink 2 cups of milk, but hes a toddler and milk can only be had at meals.  After a little relaxing at home, John, Johnny and I went to our local park to feed the ducks again... this time I brought a snack for him to eat too.

My 2 favorite ducks this day... yes they got more bread than the rest.
"Duck Bread"
90 Calorie Fiber One Bar = Candy Bar
"Quack" with a mouth full!
He needs his sun glasses.

We met a friend there with her two little girls.  I loved watching them play and feed the ducks, it was so simple and exciting for them.  The weather was perfect to spend the morning outside.  After all the bread was thrown into the pond, we made our way to the playground. 

In the end, we spend about 2.5 hours at the park today... it was a nice break for all of us.  (By the way, I snagged some awesome hand me down equipment for Jocelyn from this friend, THANKS!) 

When we got home, mommy had to get some business work taken care of so Daddy was given the job of distracting the monkey so I could try to "focus."  Daddy did a great job and turned our entire upstairs landing into a blanket fort.  Johnny helped bring all the pillows that he could find in the house.  The filled it with every book Johnny could reach.  I couldn't stand it, I had to join them for a while.  We all read books to each other and lounged on the pillows.  (I am so annoyed that I didn't take even 1 picture!)  When snack time came I offered Johnny oranges and to my surprise said yes, and a bigger surprise is that he ate them!  Pre T1D he ate them often, but since the hospital all this kid wants to eat is bread, crackers or similar... this was the first fruit he actually ate in a week.  I finished my business finally and by then it was time for dinner.  My hubby did our grocery shopping with Johnny in tow yesterday (yes to give me a break), and while he was there picked up some foods to grill today.  He grilled us a fantastic and simple meal of pork chops, pineapple, and asparagus.  It was such a great day that after eating the three of us and the dogs headed to the back yard to relax and play.  Beautiful day!!
No, he isn't wearing pants... thats how we save on diapers.  With out them he goes 100% in the Potty.  With them he goes 100% of the time in the diapers.  Its my backyard... its fine.  :)
Today's numbers where lower than they have been but still higher than our target.  It feels good to see them lower, but it feels better to not let the numbers control my mood. 

Thank you to everyone who visited, called, texted, emailed, and facebooked us this weekend.  Feeling connected and not alone has really helped me personally.  I want all of you to know, that even the one sentence messages help.  Thank you all!

For anyone who may just be diagnosed, every day gets better.  Hang in there!

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