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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good News! Yesterday was a tough day!

I know... I know... Why is that good news?  I'll tell you, because as hard as it was for me to get through yesterday it had NOTHING to do with Type 1 Diabetes!  YAY!

Numbers were fine, still not in range but eh... he will get there.  Shots went fine, although at lunch I must have hit a vain or something because we had a bleeder!  He didn't mind it any more than any other injection though. 

Yesterday was hard for normal I'm-6-months-pregnant-with-a-3-year-old reasons.  I kept Johnny home from his first day back to school for 2 reasons. 1) We changed his insulin ratios and I wanted to watch him for lows.  2) We were having a major storm and I didn't want to drive in it, and if I had to go pick him up early my drive would be even longer.  So I ended up stuck in the house with 2 bulldogs, who think they don't need to do their business outside because it is storming.  And a happy-crazy-high blood sugar-toddler who is bouncing off the walls simply because I can't let him outside to play.  Combine these things (or the mess these things made all day!) with my growing belly and weakening back, I was tired and sore.  I kept going but by 4pm I thought I might end up in the hospital because my back pain was so bad and my braxton hicks seemed more intense.  (I am quick just to go to the hospital and let them tell me I am fine since Johnny's diagnosis.)  So I ignored the dogs, and bribed Johnny to lay in Mama's bed with me and watch cartoons.  It didn't work... by the time my husband got home at 4:45 my room was torn apart, my toothbrush was later found in my clothes hamper, the 1 pile of sorted laundry waiting for the washer was scattered over my entire floor, Johnny's pullup was taken off at some point and left on the floor... but the good news was I stayed in bed.  Laying in bed helped both the contractions and the back pain so I had to just deal with the mess.  My husband got home and took Johnny out to pick up dinner.  We shared a some chicken pasta dish and calamari from a local Italian place, it wasn't that good... but not needing to cook or clean up from cooking made it taste better.  Johnny had normal 3 year old meltdown at dinner because I wouldn't turn the TV on during dinner (remember that post I had about lowering the bar for a short while, and how I didn't think it would turn him into a brat... well... no comment.)  Eventually the three of us ate dinner at the table with out the TV on.  After dinner was another meltdown that included throwing toys on the floor.  We asked Johnny to pick them up and he refused... that is too low for my bar to go.  So we offered him a choice between picking them up or sitting in time out.  He chose time out.  3 minutes later we asked him to come back and pick up the toys, he refused so we offered him the time out or to help mama pick up the toys (softies I know)... he picked time out again.  But the third time he was given the choice he was very helpful and picked up all the toys.  Later that night we were treated to a dance performance during American Idol.  Of course by the time I grabbed my camera he was just going to act silly... but I love him anyways.

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