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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lows and Highs

Everyone has been preparing me that I am going to completely lose it soon.  I really don't see that happening, but it might.  Sure I cried a lot the other day, but is crying for me really that uncommon? No.  I cry if I drink, tell a friend I miss them, hear someone say something nice about me, or hold a staff meeting and tell them how much I appreciate them. Plus I am pregnant... so I think I am crying a pretty normal amount for me.  Plus crying makes me feel better, not worse.  I think the tears make people worried that I am getting worse, but the reality is they don't mean anything other than at that moment I needed a good cry. 

Arguing in front of Johnny with my husband John... but I told you all about that.  Reading horror stories online about other kids with diabetes... don't read those!  The emotional fatigue I have by the end of the day, even on a good day.  Telling the bank teller Johnny can't have the lollipop, and though he was nice about it, I could tell he was annoyed.  The grocery checker asking what was wrong with Johnny (while he is going completely crazy locked in the little car part of my cart banging around and yelling, happy but looked nuts).  I wanted to say, "His blood sugar is well over 400 right now which can make anyone agitated and hyper." Instead I barely whisper, "Nothing," and leave as fast as I can push my cart.  Then there is when my little man is hungry or frustrated.  That is still the lowest part of my days.

We are Johnny is always high right now... but my his doctors want him high instead of low.  (I am working on letting this be Johnny's disease, not mine)  They are worried about this being the "Honeymoon" phase, which means that his pancreas might still turn back on here and there before it stops for good.  If it does occasionally work he will basically be getting too much insulin from both his pancreas and his injections and experience low blood sugar which is far more dangerous.
But there are other highs:

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